Glitch giving errors at places that doesn't give any error

So, working on a command. Then I run it and I get the error “Response2.content is not a function” where the code was just let umReason = Response2.content

I was confused about it, and even the Discord.js moderators said that it’s a false error. It says I am trying to call a function, but in the code, I am not.
This has even happened before.
It works at one place in the code, then I got something identical and it doesn’t work, it thinks I am trying to call a function, when the code isn’t.
What is going on?

i am having the same thing, plus, when i place down a `, ', or ", it does not appear

Hi @Aprixia can you provide either the code in question, or better yet your project name so someone can take a look?

@Jonyk56, same question for you, and additionally I’m not sure what you mean with the other information about things not appearing. Can you help me understand that with some details?

Refresh and try again. The site bugs out from time to time.

The project name is the same as always, xnegnolust.
And I just apparently managed to fix it by putting a ; at the end of the part I provided, the part where it thinks it’s a function. This is weird. Especially since I even tried the old code in a normal file on my own computer and it worked in there.

Time for me to get back to my date with JavaScript <- Community meme “Apex’s girlfriend is JavaScript”

Hey @Aprixia I can’t find that project, so I can’t look any more deeply without additional information.

Oh I just realized. The project name is xnegnolustbot not xnegnolust. Sorry about that.