Glitch goes into boot loop if it doesn't find a server

While working on getting the hello-fable example working, I discovered a curious behavior.

If Glitch runs the “start” script and doesn’t find a running server or at least the script terminates, it restarts itself. It will keep doing this over and over in a loop. It was quite unclear why this was happening as it didn’t really give me any log or error explaining why, I thought it was something wrong with my build tools.

Is this an intended behavior?

Yes, it is intended behavior, there is some info here

The reason is it allows people to quickly just open up a project and have it started automatically, but of course it causes issues if your project doesn’t have a start.

If you use the “hello webpage” starter that doesn’t require it.

There is a way to override it with glitch.json but this is experimental.

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Thanks. I’ll remember that next time. I think I didn’t use the “hello webpage” starter because IIRC it doesn’t have the node/pnpm binaries on it.

Yeah if you’re using node.js modules it’s probably not the right starter. If you just want to prevent the autostart from running while you’re working on something, Gareth has some info here:

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