Glitch graphics are so cool. Can I use that in my project?


I really love the graphics and pictures from Glitch… Are those pictures copy-righted or am I allowed those funny pictures in my project? Otherwise could someone please tell me who are the graphic designers of Glitch and I would love to learn to draw these cool pictures myself.


I’m glad you like them!

I drew the graphics, and Walter drew the ones in the ‘how it works’ section.

Because they’re associated with our brand and we put a lot of work into them specifically for Glitch, we’d prefer it if you didn’t use our images, but instead create your own.

Illustration can be daunting but also can be really fun. My general process is that:

  • I’ll draw something on paper first (I get inspired by a bunch of great illustrators around the web like Martina Paukova).
  • Then I’ll sometimes take a photo of that drawing and draw over it in adobe illustrator or Sketch.
  • Then I clean up the lines, set up colors

Let us know what you create! :sparkles:


Yo I really wish I could draw cool and fun stuff like your did… But I will try and let you know what I’ve drawn! Thank you so much for your reply :slight_smile:


It’s def something where practice/experience makes things easier - I’m looking forward to seeing your art!