Glitch hasn't been fine this week and isn't showing it


I am starting this topic because I’ve faced a lot of issues this week, one of them caused my project files to be wiped and the Glitch system had only 1 backup of my project (it was going to be wiped soon too if I didn’t ask for it in the correct time).

So, I thought all the issues I’ve faced were only for me, but I saw a lot of people complaining here on the forum about the same issues.

And today most of my projects are stuck on “Waking up…”, the editor is stuck on loading, and the console shows “Project not found”.

I’d like to inform the Glitch team if they are aware of all those issues or no, because didn’t announce about any of those problems.

I really appreciate how Glitch is doing this, and their awesome support team which solves the problems smoothly… But none of my projects (especially the LAMP ones) have been working fine since February 2020.

Kind regards.


The solution to fix the lamp project is to add a character to the glitch.json file and then delete it.

But I will agree, I have been getting reports of issues.

Yes the LAMP ones have been the most annoying ones. I can simply go to the console and do refresh, this works better than adding a character and removing it. But I really want this to get solved forever… They used to work fine in the past.

Same… I would love if this got fixed.