Glitch having issues with API and Slowly project availability?

The ping for Glitch API is through the roof and the project containers availability is plummeting so I’m guessing there is going to be another outage. I’ve also having issues with the editor and loading projects aswell as loading my projects.

In such a case, check the Status before posting:

Currently API Response Time and Project Container Availability are deteriorating.
That is the cause. You need to wait for recovery.

You have already noticed this since you posted here:

Yeah i’m just getting tired of this.

Why is Glitch outages happening so much. Daily there is an outage, sometimes 2 outages.

I sorta made a rant but tried to keep it simple and as clean as possible

I’ve made an announcement about the downtime, you can follow there for updates: Issues with the Glitch API, Editor and Project availability

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Thanks. I’m just starting to want to cry due to the amount of things I’m having to deal with right now.

I can assure you that we’re also unhappy about the downtime! We know it can be frustrating, and appreciate everyone’s patience.

Honestly if you can’t keep a consecutive time of stable uptime i don’t think you should push the paid plan a bunch that’s just a suggestion as it seems like it would be pointless if Glitch can’t even keep the uptime of the services up for at least one hour/ to a one day without an outage. Sorry for being so aggressive but it’s just…

Downtime’s only usually appear when there’s an issue with AWS or when they’re preforming maintenance on the servers. Random downtime is usually rare and can sometimes be fixed quickly.

I have to agree with @TrissieTheHusky. I have been here for at least 2 years and this recent downtime yesterday and now today again is getting a bit frustraing. I know its a free platform but will this be resolved soon?

I just moved 6 APIs here since Google App Scripts is buggy than heck since they upgraded to Chrome V8 processing. Really haven;t had too many issues here till now.

The errors happeing today are the same as yesteday so it seems to not be fixed completely. Any chance this might happen soon?

One of the APIs - up for 20 hours - down for 39 mins (Not Found (404)) - up for 34 mins - down for 34 mins (Connection Timeout) , up for 38 mins. Hopefully up for good.

I have been asking for a piad version for over a year - love to have it but… a bit concerned

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I was looking at Glitch using AWS,
so I was looking at AWS Status and it seemed to be fine for a few days.

On the other hand, I am aware of the changes in the edit screen:
スクリーンショット 2020-03-22 17.26.32

They’re having again issues.

Glitch need to be a better hosting at this point. They need a better protection against a service attack. We need a staff member to tell us, the glitch is being ddosed or not.

The site isn’t being DDoSed. Glitch runs on AWS, the largest infrastructure provider. All hosts experience issues. Thankfully, the Glitch outages all seem to happen close together unlike other hosts where they’re spread out and can be annoying.

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