Glitch Hello React project deleted itself?


I have a React.js webapp that was running perfectly fine until a few hours ago.
Apparently, it seems that a lot of core files have been deleted and I dont know why.
None of my friends modified anything in anyways, and after I rewound the project, to
a week ago, I was still somehow getting the same issue. Nothing would load except the index.html

It seems that “node_modules”, “package.json”, the entire hooks folder, and a few others have been deleted.

Nothing seems to show up in the Rewind history that shows these edits. Has anybody else had the same issue, and know how to fix it?

What’s the link to your project if you don’t mind sharing? And are you using a recent Glitch template (with Vite.js) or an older one?

The link is: (Removed link because old project is now deleted)
And im using a kind-of old template (bout 6 months or so) but it has vite in it.

Well, the package.json is there, and a page is coming up so your node_modules should be there too. And I do see a file under the hooks folder…which seems to come from the original template.

It’s hard to say without knowing what your site looked like before. You say nothing would load except the index. Do you mean that the links within the router were no longer working or going to the right place? I personally never use wouter, I always use react-router-dom. It could be that you updated the wouter package at some point and it no longer worked with your code.

I’m also seeing react-cookie, which I’m unfamiliar with - that may have impacted the project if it was updated.

I always use the minimal “blank” React starter and add my own packages. My projects are all working, and I’m also running Node 16. I recommend creating a new project with a blank starter and migrating your project into it. But first…you may want to email Support and see if there was some sort of upgrade under the hood ? Keep us posted :slight_smile:

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Thanks a ton for your help! Im gunna try to move the project to a new blank template. ill edit this comment if it works or not. Thanks again for helpin me out!

Edit - Now it seems to be workin again. Thanks so much!

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Awesome, glad I could help! Don’t forget to also mark the answer as a solution.