Glitch integration with Atom?

I use Glitch to host my discord bot. I recently found the extension for Visual Studio Code so I can use glitch from within VSCode. However, I really prefer Atom. Is there an extension or something I can set up to use glitch within Atom? If not, are there any plans to release a package for Atom similar to the one for VSCode?

Hey @mattgeowild, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Right now we don’t offer, or plan to offer, an Atom extension. We’d love to be able to open-source at least some pieces of the code that enables the VS Code extension but we don’t have a timeline for that right now. We also hope to release a fully-supported version of the API that the extension in built on, but right now the API itself is unsupported and subject to sudden and drastic change with little or no warning.

Sorry we don’t have a better answer for you right now.

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