Glitch is becoming a part of Fastly!

Hi everyone, it’s with great excitement today that we get to announce that Glitch is becoming a part of Fastly! You can read the full announcement from Anil right now on our blog, but I want to call out this part of it in particular:

“First, for our loyal community of Glitch users who’ve been with us for years: you’re good, we got you. Nothing changes about your apps or your Glitch account with this news, and the changes you’ll see in the future will be about making Glitch better and even more fun and rewarding to use going forward.”

Our community is the most important part of Glitch and by joining Fastly we’ll have the support and resources to keep improving and growing the tools we created for you so you can continue building an awesome, friendly and creative Web. We will also be able to start doing more activities that celebrate the community and collaboration on Glitch - like code jams, live streams, and more!

Personally, I am incredibly hopeful and excited to be coming along with you all into this next chapter of Glitch. I think that you’ll soon find that my new colleagues at Fastly are very friendly, thoughtful and enthusiastic about helping the community you all have helped shape here with us.

Again, here’s the full announcement on our blog, I really think it’s a good one! If you have any questions, you can throw them here in this thread or email Thank you to our community for bringing your creativity, friendliness and imaginations to Glitch over the past several years. We can’t wait to see what we all create together with Fastly for years to come!

See you on!


Cool, sounds like a symbiotic deal. Fastly get a great developer experience for people to code onto their platform, and y’all won’t have to pay for servers any more :joy: (one day)

Thanks for the helpful announcement, I hope it works out really well for all you folks in the Glitch team :smile:


its always something important and cool when they put it as a banner :slight_smile:

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