Glitch is blocked, but only the live pages

I am using glitch in a classroom, and my students can still access the site and open their projects, but when they view the preview pane or open in a new tab the content is blocked. So they can code, but not see the result. And my IT team doesn’t know why. So if anyone has an idea please let me know.

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Seems you’re using Relay, and I have the same issue. domains are blocked as security.proxy at the moment. Sorry about that.

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Tell your IT/district team to unblock * This is a firewall issue that most corporate places have (my workplace included). They see a .me URL and assume the worst, haha. If you still need help, reach out to - they’re the best!


Could be, but not necessarily a firewall issue. Open devtools, what happens when you load up a site? Is your school using DNS filtering, DPI, or SSL decrypting? Does your school’s ISP block Glitch?

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I tried that. It stayed exactly the same. D:

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