Glitch is completely down

HTTP requests to my Glitch project are timing out after ~30 seconds. The ‘Project Availability’ stat on the Glitch status site has dropped to 0. This is severely affecting my user base and I would appreciate if this issue was looked into. I do hope engineers have been notified.


I noticed it happening to one of my projects about an hour and a half ago (~21:00 CDT). I’d guess that it has something to do with them trying to enable custom domains as I saw the custom domain option showing up on my project when troubleshooting. The app is still running just any web requests are hitting a bad gateway error.

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Completly down. I rely on glitch for some services, so this is impacting my user base.

Pretty bad, hope they are investigating.

Anyone knows?

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There’s zero indication they are even aware of an issue. I put in a support ticket, tweeted at them and posted all over, no official response. Status site still shows all green even though Full-Stack Project Availability has been at 0 for 2 hours. I don’t think I’m gonna renew my subscription if this is the type of support I can expect.

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I agree - absolutely hopeless.

seriously what happened? I need to fix it immediately. Please

Embarrassing. I was trying to demonstrate something to a potential buyer and neither of us could get it to work :confused:

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Same here, sites completely down. No support, no alerts, no response from glitch.

I think they dont even know, that *.glitch domain apps are unreacheable, I wont renew my suscription for sure.

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I hope someone in glitch team tell us current status and estimated time about this issue.

(moreover custom domain issue too)

some of my sites are periodically sending responses now. Looks like stuff may be slowly coming back up.

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hmm seems like project availability is back to 100!
my sites still dont work though

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my services works now!

  • service down agian…

They are intermitent, some of the still returns a 504 Gateway Time-out

my site works now, but loading time is slow

Real hit or miss right now, and yeah page load times are slow…

Apologies all for the delay in the update to the status page — we’re aware of the issue and are currently investigating and actively working on getting things back up and running. We’ll share updates on the status page as soon as we have them. Thanks for your patience.


They are aware now, they just update the status page and reporting degradation.

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We believe we’ve got an effective fix in place, and everything appears to be running normally now. We’ll keep monitoring throughout the night (U.S. time) to make sure things are solid. Again, apologies for the delay in communications and thanks to all for your patience.


I’ve trusted you, glitch!

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