Glitch is constantly down (not related to the pinging service ban)

I am a Glitch Premium member and I have a boosted app I use to test some features for my app before moving it to my VPS. Recently, I’ve noticed that there has been a lot of Glitch downtime with the editor and app hosting. Is this going to be fixed soon?


It’s a pity. I like glitch.


Still an issue I think :frowning:

What I’m asking is are they going to fix there constantly being an issue at

They’re working on it. For example, they have now temporarily blocked pings from other applications not on Glitch in case there are too many requests to Glitch

The editor is down too though. I’m guessing pinging services don’t effect the editor. And on the status page they seem to say the editor and project hosting are different.

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Yes. That was just an example of the many things they are doing to fix this mess :slight_smile:

Alright. It just keeps happening and it makes it hard to develop my app when I have to wait for Glitch to work.

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I understand why people who pay for boosted apps are annoyed. They are paying for a services that just doesn’t work a lot of the time at the moment and I believe the boosted apps pricing is high enough anyway :joy:

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Yeah, if it was a free project I could understand more, but I’m paying for it. The only reason I’m not using a VPS for the testing version of my project is I don’t want to have to deal with updating the code on the VPS every time I make a change.

You can still develop without glitch?

you can but its nice when you can see the project live

Glitch is my goto for continuous code tests (testing ws connections for as long as up to 19h), and so the constant downtime is really shitty, especially since I’m paying


We must be on different servers then. Cuz most of my non boosted sites wouldn’t load. But without fail everytime I boosted one of the sites that wouldn’t need load it would come on almost instantly I could see how that would be frustrating but personally I’ve had nothing but a good experience since I opt for paid service