Glitch is creating too many anonymous projects

Hey o/

I’m working on a private project and my habits make me do it in a private browser window

The problem’s every time I come back to glitch using the edit link since I’m not connected (since I’m in private browsing) glitch say the project doesn’t exists and put me in a new hello-webpage project.
Then when I log in the anonymous project is transfered to my account and now I’ve 32 projects I didn’t want to create.

I personally got past this by creating a project collection with the project I purposely created but I sure I’m not the only one with this kind of problems and the glitch infrastructure would certainly love to have all those unwanted projects deleted (and if possible not created anymore).

Hi jonatjano, is this Firefox private windows? I believe I’ve had this problem myself and I’ve filed a bug on it that our team is looking into. For when I need to test things in Firefox I use a new profile:

Or the Chrome Incognito window, which works fine. I believe it’s the way Firefox stores sessions that’s the issue.

Don’t worry about the extra projects, we automatically delete them :slight_smile: I think I create like 100 every day haha.

It is firefox private windows :stuck_out_tongue:
but I’m not using it for tests it’s more because if I open every tab in normal windows I’d have over 9000 tabs open since I never think of closing them :slight_smile:

Knowing that the projects are deleted is what I wanted to know ^^ (do clicking on “delete project” helps ?)

Ha yeah too many tabs is my problem too. Don’t worry about the projects, I’m not sure the delete project button would work, but you’re welcome to try it.