Glitch is starting

Hi everyone,
I am a newbie in glitch, very nice to join Glitch’s forum.
Today, i meet a issue when i create package.json file to my project. Project cannot start. It say “To keep Glitch fast for everyone, inactive projects go to sleep and wake up on request.”
But when i delete package.json file, project started normally. Please help me, thank you so much

Please provide your project’s name, @Someone.


Hi TooAkshi
My project’s name is teacode4u

The problem is easily identifiable, @Someone. The file you haved added to package.json to run is nothing but a comment. Remove the //'s and try. image


i tried but still failed.

oh sh*t, i solved it. i didn’t set port :joy::joy::joy: Thank you.

That is great. Please mark the appropriate post as the solution to your thread., @Someone.


Congrats on joining Glitch’s forum!
-Happy Glitching tech_dude1