Glitch KEEPS deleting my settings files!

Bot has been offline for over 12 hours because Glitch keeps deleting my files and now the entire project is screw up.

Hello @erinmarieomg,

Can you please provide more information, like what you were doing when this started, what files are being deleted etc.

Can you also provide the name of the project that is having this problem!

Hey @erinmarieomg, sorry you’re having trouble. Rewind might be useful to get your files back, but if you’re having consistent troubles please provide your project name so we can take a closer look.

Already did that 24 hours ago but you guys didn’t bother to answer.

I already did that. My cred and config were not filled out, even though at that time I knew I’d done that part of the code. Your service seriously SUCKS.

The editor and the terminal don’t sync together. Running refresh in the console should fix this.