Glitch keeps making my project go offline?

Hey! I was hosting my discord bot a while back with no issues.
However, it’s started to randomly go offline every 15~ minutes or so

I tried selfhosting for a day to see if it was caused by a bug and it didn’t crash so its definitely not due to a bug

I have uptime robot pinging it every 5 minutes as well as the glitchup npm package, but my bot still goes offline…

Is glitch mad at me for keeping my bot up 27/7 :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Hey @EmeraldSnorlax we’ve occasionally seen similar problems with the glitchup package. By itself it won’t keep your project running across the twice-a-day container restarts and if you have UptimeRobot configured correctly you don’t need the glitchup package at all.

I’d suggest removing that package and seeing if that helps resolve your issue.

EDIT: I had the container restart period wrong!