Glitch keeps reverting changes

Just a while ago, a bot, which I’m coding, got to the Discord connection limit (it connected 1k times in too short of an amount of time). So the obvious thing was to change the token. Turns out glitch reverts anything I do in any of its files immediately.
What should I do?

Hi @Opisek,

it’s very difficult to provide any help if you don’t tell us your project name, because we can’t see what’s the issue :slight_smile: From your description, I think the problem is that your project disk is full.

Here it is:

It’s most likely the disk, as sometimes, when it does manage to start, it prints out an error saying:
UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: SqliteError: disk I/O error
What should I do? I already delete all the database files, but that doesn’t seem to have done anything.

Oh, and we managed to change the token, but nothing else can be changed. The database also doesn’t work, as already said.

The link just takes me to the editor :frowning:

It looks like there are some issues with the disk. If you deleted your db already, you can try to remix the project and see if the remix has the same issue. Also, if you don’t care about your git history, you can try to delete .git:

rm -rf /app/.git

It looks like it started working. The db is obviously dead, but I don’t see why it would fill the entire disk. Especially that it worked yesterday and I doubt anything was added to it overnight.

It started working after doing what?

I think it realized that we deleted the db. Except, that after asking my co-coder, he said that he didn’t delete it (and neither did I). So I guess glitch itself did? Whatever it did, it started working now. Just a quick question - where can you see if the disk is full?

We intend to add an easier way to see the current disk usage. For now, you can go to the Console (Logs -> Console) and use df -h /app.

Thanks. It says we’re using 20% right now. Still can’t believe that the db would be the cause of that, since there really isn’t much in there. All we had there yesterday was a few settings, as well as the messages count for 9 periods of time. None of those numbers wasn’t longer than 4 digits.

In fact we have a copy of the database before it got removed, and it’s no bigger than 4mb. So I don’t see where the problem is.

Thank you for help regardless

Did you run the command Emanuele suggested above: rm -rf /app/.git?