Glitch live page is not starting up when it was working fine yesterday

My project page: Fishy Spectacular Ginger (

My project’s live site (where the issue is): Starting ・゚✧ (

I’m using Glitch to host a webpage to complete the backend challenges on FreeCodeCamp. I was working on this 2 days ago, and the live page for the project was working just fine. However, I came back to keep working on it today, and I’ve been stuck at the starting screen for an hour. The editor for the project works just fine, it’s the live site that I’m having troubles with. I’ve read through some of the community posts related to this problem but haven’t found a solution yet.

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Can you check what’s going on in the project’s logs? That’ll usually have some hint as to why it’s experiencing a restart loop.

I did not realize that there were project logs. Took me a second to find them. Looking at the logs, I found the issues. I had an extra comma in my package.json file, so my project was expecting another key-value pair. Removing the comma fixed the problem. Thank you for the help!