Glitch Loading Problems?

Hey all :wave:,

Glitch is facing downtime with the project containers and the response time for the API has considerably increased! Please wait for @glitch_support to address this issue, or it might resolve itself! Meanwhile, you can see the status at

Have a good day!


thanks for status! here i can’t export my project to github :smiley:

looks like we’re having issues- I’ll contact the team and put up a status


I’m also having issues I’ve pushed an update to my users

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The API response time seems to be returning back to normal!

So it’s not the editor it’s mainly the Proxy, Cdn, and the elevated loading times.

Ah K good phew thank god no major outage

The console doesn’t load for me.

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I’m still gonna keep this incident open until I am sure that it is returning. Just in case.
Just degraded performance but still.

I was wrong, the response time is a bit weird and slow, and it’s again increasing.

And new errors are sprouting, the latest one being

@potch, any updates?

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API Response time is now skyrocketed again.
Over 5,000ms. RIP Pls no outage

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#service-updates here: We're currently experiencing a service interruption - updates here