🟢 Glitch login not working (again)


  • Google login 13+ times (redirects to the homepage after showing a brief “An error occurred :(” message)
  • GitHub login 5+ times (same as Google)
  • Magic link 10+ times (same as GitHub)
  • Password 15+ times (gives an error)


  • Clearing cache 4 times
  • Clearing localStorage and cookies 2 times

Emails used:

  • Primary email
  • Secondary email


  • Firefox (after I’ve moved to firefox)
  • Chrome (first problems)

Additional info:

  • It is around the 30th time this happens since I’m on Glitch

Information: This is a community wiki, and that means that this post is made to be preserved, that means that you can edit the wiki to register every time the login doesn’t work. This is because this issue happens tons of times here.
See also: I cannot login from any kind of login process, [Fixed] Can't login with magic login

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Issue log

I will log an issue here every time this happens again since the first post. Note that I do this to keep the community updated. means solved, means in progress
Time in WET (Western European Time Zone, UTC+0)

  • 9/11/2022, 10:20 (#BUG00065061)
  • 26/11/2022, 10:05 (#ACC00065308)
  • 26/12/2022, 10:25
  • 31/12/2022, 17:40
  • 27/01/2023, 17:00
  • 14/05/2023, 15:53
  • 14/05/2023, 18:30
  • 22/06/2023, 18:13

how do you make a wiki post like that

the reply above that other people can edit, I mean

Making a community wiki?

  1. Look at post
  2. Select the small 3 dots
  3. Select “post admin actions”
  4. “Make wiki”
  5. Done

To add a checklist, use - [] Name for unticked and - [x] Name for ticked.

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