links broken?

I’m trying to keep my bot alive and whenever I visit the link, it just says OK instead of the starting project message. Project: antiuserbot1

Hey @GamingInc,

This usually happens when you have the following line of code in your server-side js:

app.get("/", (request, response) => {

Just change response.sendStatus(200); to res.sendFile(<YOUR INDEX.HTML PATH>)

EDIT: Can you make the project public for a while, so that I can take a look at the code and help you even more?

Hey it’s a JavaScript bot. Why would I need to enter the index.html thing there?

No, actually, the OK is just a sign that the bot is working, unless you were expecting to see something else…

I told you to change it to res.sendFile(<YOUR INDEX.HTML PATH>) in case you had an index.html that you were expecting to see.

I don’t have any . HTML file because it’s a JavaScript bot.
Also the bot isn’t working even if it shows OK

Then, you messed up something in your code. Please provide your project’s name.

The project name is antiuserbot1, but I’m guessing it’s set to private!

Yes it’s private. I’ll send you the invite link as I get back from work.