*.glitch.me not loading

I (currently?) cannot access any glitch.me pages from my university network vpn. I am pretty sure it used to work. Switching to as the dns nameserver resolves the glitch.met names to ip addresses but using the ip address directly in the browser results in


Logging in does not help.

Using curl ip-address in the terminal on glitch.com works, eg. downloads the expected index.html .
Using a web proxy with the ip-address also results in above glitch message. Using a web proxy with the *.glitch.me address, however, works.

Perhaps related is that I get a different ip-address using either

ping _project_.glitch.me or
curl ifconfig.io

both in the glitch.com terminal. But this is probably intentional/normal. What is the difference ?
Any hints appreciated.

using the ip address directly in the browser

that’s not expected to work, because then you wouldn’t be sending the right Host header in requests. then Glitch won’t know what project to send those requests to

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Makes sense. I will then just wait, perhaps the local nameserver will start to resolve *.glitch.me names again.