Glitch memory and glitch disk


As you see i have enough memory but i haven’t enough disk space. Is there a way I can save things as memory and not as disk?

What kind of files are filling up your disk? There are various optimization tweaks you can do such as keeping things in /tmp if you don’t need full persistence, etc.

Open your console and write rm -rf ./.git it should work

I would suggest you not run that command unless you know what it does, OP.

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Hi @RobinSchapendonkGame, the command @MertKTR mentioned might help resolve this issue if your problem is related to often-changing files taking up too much disk space, but if you don’t resolve the root issue then the problem will likely come back, and deleting your git history by running that command will also mean you’ll be unable to Rewind to an earlier point in time should you need to do so later. It’s also possible that your git repo isn’t the problem, which would mean that command wouldn’t help at all.

@RA80533’s question is a relevant one if your disk space issues aren’t related to your project’s git repo.

Probably the first thing to do is to open your project’s console and run the command du -hd1, which will give you a list of the directories taking up the most space. If you post the results of that command here we might be able to give you specific pointers to address your exact issue. Knowing the project name might also help.

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I just imported the files from github and the files aren’t even showing but here you have all the info

It looks like the “Pokes” folder is the culprit. Try to prune that. Pruning anything else would be akin to squeezing blood from a stone.

pokes folder is a folder with all the images is that a problem? also how would i prune that?

If the folder is core to your application, pruning it would likely require you to make some major design decisions.

I just requested to join the project. I might be able to offer you some more specific advice that way.

I don’t see even a file only the assets thing do you see the files?

ah now i see them

I only saw the assets folder a moment ago but I see the other files now.

Where did you get the images from? It might be easier to dynamically fetch them whenever you want to use them for your bot.

I downloaded them all, and i put them in the github with the other files, how would i do that then?

What’s your GitHub repository URL?

RobinSchapendonkGames/pokebot (

Would you mind making that public for a moment?

What it looks like you can do is, in your getimages.js, use an HTTP package instead of fs to fetch the images dynamically. Another idea is to compress your images (I don’t know if this is already done if you got them online).

K 1 sec there are tokens and other data in the index.js file. But can you help me with that? i don’t know anything about that how to do that.

Hey @RobinSchapendonkGame! Did you get the issue resolved?

nope thats why i opened that other question (How to add a folder with images to the /app)