Glitch Messenger Bot doesn't work with multiple senderID's


I just started working on a Messenger bot using Glitch.
I got my code up and running but now I’m having some difficulties.
The code works when I test it with my own account. When I let other people test this, it doesn’t respond to their messages.
So the problem only occurs when there are multiple senderID’s.
What should I do?


Hey @bramkr – could you share your project name? I’d be happy to take a look! It’s sounds like it might be an authentication issue but I’d need to know more to tell.

Hey @househaunt
I just used the code on glitch and changed it a bit to display my own cards in messenger.

When you have other people test this, how are they using it? Are they remixing the project? It’s been a while since I worked on a FB messenger bot, but my guess is that there’s a mismatch with the access tokens. Does that sound possible?

I will have to look at the access tokens. Thanks! :slight_smile: