Glitch needs to update everything

So I’m trying to create a discord bot using Glitch. I recently found out that I was running on an older version of, which caused an error. So when I tried to upgrade in the terminal, I saw this:

And my first thought was: Why is Glitch so outdated in terms of language versions?

Not to mention, about a month ago, I saw that glitch-hello-node and other node projects were running on Node.js 14, which was released four years ago. Since then, it has already reached the end of its maintenance stage and thus may have bugs.

So I highly recommend Glitch updates to the latest version of Python and Node (and whatever else may be outdated)

I agree. I hope they make these updates when the new version of Glitch gets rolled out.

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I agree with this recommendation, and glitch has been posting about their effort to upgrade the project containers’ software.

you can run Python 3 with python3, by the way.

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