Glitch Not Showing GitHub Changes


I’ve found what appear to be 2 different ways to update from what’s stored in GitHub, but neither works.

The first thing I tried was Advanced Options > Import from GitHub. All I got was a message that says, “Arg, something went wrong. Try again?:@”. Not really helpful. (just a thought here. The URL I gave was HTTP. If the problem was there, why not show me the status code. I’m a developer I can take it.)

I did git pull in the console. According to the console, it works. Yet the files in my editor won’t update.

Can someone help me out.


I can not access anything on Github via http, at all. Why not try https and see what happens?

Also, editor can import only from the master branch.

And, the link you need to provide I have not found is anywhere directly available to copy/paste by itself. For example my github is:
and Glitch export link is:


If you’re using the import from github under advanced options, the format to enter is org name/repo name e.g. garethx/temp-repo, not a URL.

git pull or git pull origin {branchname}:master from the console should work. Then run refresh to update the files shown in the editor.