Glitch now runs on iOS and Android!


Can you provide a screenshot? I can’t reproduce. Thanks.


I cant upload a video, and it needs a video so i give a link. It looks worse on phone.


Brand new iPhone 6s 32Gb iOs 11.4


What is it that you’re doing when this occurs? It looks like scrolling down through the code?


Up, down, left, right…


this is great! i had problems at first but now it works! thanks glitch


Love it! Working so much better than expected! Some keyboard shortcuts would be really nice (although they might work with the hacker keyboard? I’m currently using a cheap Anker A7726.)

I’m especially missing a CMD + X on line level (it does work when you first select some characters), but selecting characters with the keyboard also has some glitches (it seems to select the previous character)


hey @evanzummeren, are you using an android phone?


No, im using iOS (11.4, iPad 6th generation)


Luckily I stumbled upon Glitch when this was already operational, otherwise I would have to pass and things would not be as easy and fun as it was with Glitch. Thank you.

And yes, thanks to Hacker’s Keyboard it’s now over a year that my primary, and almost only, computer has been Android tablet. So convenient!

But now, I have to say, there is even better keyboard and it’s called: ‘Multiling O Keyboard’. It has everything Hacker’s kbd has, plus more, but more importantly it can be undocked, so it can float and be moved around and resized. Fantastic!


but the console on google chrome android doesnt open virtual keyboard


This is a known problem with the console on all mobile platforms, unfortunately. For the time being if you want to use the console on mobile you’ll need to use an external keyboard.