Glitch or VDS | What's better?

Good afternoon, glitchers! I wanted to get interested. What is better to take for Discord bot on js. Glitch or VDS?

Glitch, it is free to use and is developed mostly for nodejs. And you’ll have a better chance of getting support and help

This is understandable, but Glitch makes a lot of restrictions. I used to stay on it with pleasure, but now they have introduced many restrictions that do not suit me.

You can always upgrade to lift many restrictions.

@xyligan yeah, it is quite annoying.

Have you tested other services like heroku or gitpod?

Personally, glitch works really well for my on-demand development needs, and if i have a major project i want to host, I use my own servers or something like heroku.

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Heroku yes, quota:(
GitPod no.