Glitch performance issue

I’m currently coding a Discord Music bot, but whenever I run it on one project the music has good quality and runs smooth. Then, whenever I move the same code to a different project it runs poor, low quality and a bit of lag. Any idea how this is happening and how I can solve this?

Project it runs smooth on:
Project it runs poor on:

The command play.js is the command that searches and plays the music.
In both projects it’s located at commands/skip.js

Hello @Potato,

Glitch is not really designed to be running music for discord bots. Having the music part of your bot in a separate project can help the performance, but not by a lot. You can have the music self hosted from your PC or from an old PC that you could have running 24/7, but would use a lot of power if you were to choose that method, I hope you can find the answer you need!
Happy Glitching!