Glitch Preview Theme Userscript

So earlier, I showed off a hotdog stand theme for the Glitch Preview Site.

Anyways, I made a userscript that auto applies the theme’s, and lets you switch between them. You can get it here!

Alongside the hotdog stand theme, I added a purply theme (shown below).

If you want to make a theme, you can easily add one to the script to apply it. Feel free to share your themes and I can add them to the script for others. Here’s an example of what it looks like to create a theme

    themeid: {
        name: "Theme Name",
        author: "Your name",
        colours: {
            background: "blueviolet",
            pageBackground: "purple",
            borderSolid: "blueviolet",
            contentBackground: "blueviolet",
            link: "#a16cff",
            linkHover: "#824fe1",
            linkDark: "#efefc0",
            linkDarkHover: "#01fd58",
            heading: "#fef8f8",
            text: "#fff5aa",
            buttonPrimary: "#0010ff",



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