Glitch program not starting - Discord bot (there's no errors in the log/console)


My program is stuck on “Waking Up” and it won’t wake up. I’ve waited for quite a while; there’s no log output that says something is happening, and my code seems fine. Can someone help?


This is because your code isn’t running at all!

After taking a look at your project, there appears to be no package.json file meaning your code won’t run!

In order for Glitch hello-express projects to run a package.json file must exist!

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I had my package.json in there, but:

  • It still wouldn’t start
  • It kept saying “unexpected end of json” even though I copied it right from a tutorial.

Copy/paste issues can often cause problems with a package.json file, and there’s no guarantee that a tutorial’s provided package.json file is correct. You can check the file you’re using with to make sure it’s valid.


Can you provide the package.json you were using, or a link to the tutorial you were going off.


as i can see @dominic03 has no file named “package.json” he has “watch.json” but there is litterrally nothing inside of it its just a empty file