Glitch Project Completely Wiped

Title. I had my project open in a different tab only to take a glance at it and see it completely empty. I then attempted to rewind but alas, even that is non functional.
I tried signing in and out, tried numerous browser restarts in a vain attempt to restore it somehow by magic.
What could possibly have caused this?

I’ll ping @glitch_support so that they can give you the latest backups of the project. AND DO NOT EDIT THE PROJECT ANY FURTHER AS IT MAY PUSH THE BACKUPS OFF GLITCH’S SYSTEM.

Thank you! Haven’t edited it, so thank god for that.

Logging off for the night so here is any potential information that may be needed for backup loading:

Project name is glittery-bladder-5hcw0hgni (lol I never get around to changing it)
It was last known to be functional at 19:20 CST or 7:20 PM CST on May 4th 2020.
The last edit I had made was around 23:00 CST or 11:00 PM CST on May 3rd 2020, however the project has databases that receive user input and I cannot see when that was last updated. It is not the end of the world if that data is lost however.

Project got rolled back to a backup and is now working. Just noting that here so no one accidentally does so again lol.