Glitch Project Console

everytime i go to i want it to show my glitch projects console to anyone who goes to that link.

any help?

That would be quite dangerous as they would have access to edit things

its testing, is it possible?

not using the default console but you can add people as editors so they can access it

There is a link that can be used to access your console (signed in or out). However, I highly recommend not using that link because if it gets leaked people could have 100% access to your project.

my api s password protected.

can i have the link

Ill make a quick tutorial, give me a sec.

From personal experience, i reccomend against doing this. There are teams of people out there who look for sites with vulnerabilites

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There are packages like web-term which exposes your console to a given port, maybe that could help?

Here is how to do it.

First, go to this link:
Cannot GET /console/(gibberish)/
Copy that gibberish and add it to where is says gibberish in this link:
Replace PROJECTNAME with the name of your project and go to that link.


If somebody has access to your projects console, they can do whatever they want with your project.