Glitch Project Loading Slow

My project is loading slow. I type its URL and press enter but it loads after 5-10 seconds. Normally, my all Glitch projects load fast. Its name is shiftk and I do not know does the same thing happen to others. Is it an error?

It probably fell asleep and has to load modules etc.

This issue seems to be a recurring issue right now. It hopefully will be back to normal soon. :slight_smile:

Happens to me aswell, it seems to only happen if your file has lots and/or big files in it


Things were a bit rocky there for a bit but projects should be loading and working at more normal speeds now. Let us know if you’re still having issues.

Hey! This has been happening for me too over the past couple of days, both on:


not sure if its my projects only or not?

^^^^ See this thread.

Moving this to #glitch-help