Glitch Project not connecting

So whenever I try to edit the project, it takes me to the loading screen and says reconnecting. Then it says: “We can’t seem to connect to your project at the moment, apologies. Please try refreshing your browser. If that doesn’t work, contact support and they’ll be able to help you out.”

It’s been like this for 2 days, it called prestigerofficial. I’ve tried refreshing, I tried shift+f5, I tried clearing all my browser data and still, nothing worked. I sent an email to support about a day ago and I still haven’t gotten a response.

EDIT: My friend was trying to export the project to Github when the problem began.

read the rest of it

Then you should wait for Glitch support to respond.


Could you try using a different browser?

it says that responses may be a week after,and that you should wait

try redoing the export

Support responded and they fixed the problem.