Glitch project not loading/working since 3 days

I’m not going to explain things again and again. I reported my project not working, about 3 days ago and I saw that there was multiple users with same issue and when I checked back support marked the issue as resolved. But my project is not working. It’s a Boosted project if this doesn’t get fixed soon I would have to discontinue glitch. might be able to help. @glitch_support
As the error suggests, it’s probably likely this is an error in your code, so make sure you check it over

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No it’s not an error in code, I remixed the same code and changed domain and it’s working fine.

Rn the original project - is not working. @glitch_support Help please

If remixing into another project solved your issue then you can just remove the error-prone project from your boosted collection and add in the working one, problem solved. Otherwise, in terms of troubleshooting I can’t find your original project to take a look at:

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