Glitch project refuses to update/refresh

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I’m using Glitch to host a Discord bot, but it seems like my recent changes (no matter where they are) aren’t getting pushed to the bot, even though Glitch saved them.

Here’s an example, the “inspect” command is a simple dummy command, but in Discord, it doesn’t exist:



Another example: I’ve used code that adds a /shutdown page to restart the Glitch project, but visiting this page just shows a 404 error:



If needed, the project name is “card-discord”. What can I do to restart the Glitch project and save my recent changes?

Thanks in advance!


I’ve tried:

  • both npm install and pnpm install
  • visiting /shutdown in my browser
  • editing the code
  • editing package.json directly
  • adding/removing packages via image

None of the above is working for me.

Turned out that archiving and reactivating the project put everything back to normal.

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