Glitch Project Restart Button

Hello, folks!

I made a script for Tampermonkey (any other extension which can run JS) that adds restart button to the editor!

Install: click
GitHub: click
Website: click


  • Upgrade styling
  • Disable button in foreign projects
  • Show toast with restarting state
  • Show Glitch loading circle inside the button

Hope you like it! If you have any suggestions, please write there.

P.S. Made that on phone, my fingers are bleeding

What exactly does the button do?

Hello, update incoming!

Now button is correctly aligned and also it will auto-disable when you are not allowed to edit opened project!

Install: click

Hi @advaith,
When you click on it, the project, you’re in now, restarts. That’s useful for quick restart when you changed code, made changes in console, etc.

So it runs refresh in console?

No, it makes request to{id}/stop.

Check this: Ways to comunicate with glitch

But does that update the files in the editor or just do a normal restart? By default glitch restarts the project on every edit

‘Absolute’ restart.

It refreshes the editor, not the application.
Yes, a lot of projects has watch.json in, but sometimes you already tired of waiting, like, 10 seconds to restart