Glitch Project "su" password

Hello everybody,

I need to be root for a project. But “su” account has a password. What’s the password? Or can u root me? Thanks.

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Hey @animloss Glitch doesn’t allow root access to the project container. If you tell us a little about what you’re trying to do we may be able to offer an alternative though!

First, I’m not English so my english maybe a bit bad.

I run “wget” in console. I want to open ts3 dealer. And there is an error that I must have root to open the Tardis. How can you help me?

NOTE: Every time I open the Tardis, it wants root. So I get this error every time. Find a solution for him, please. I’m sure you have no choice but to root. :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back to me.

While I wholeheartedly support anything that brings more TARDIS into the world, if this script indeed requires root access you won’t be able to run it on Glitch. I’d suggest contacting the script’s authors and asking if there’s any other way to run it.

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merhaba sqlite data base imde veri bozukluğu oluştu bunu düzeltmek için root yetkisine sahip olmam lazım da nasıl yapabilirim bir yardım edebilir misniz

I wont to install chrome driver