Glitch proxy adress

How can I get the proxy address of my glitch project?

To get the address of a Glitch project (or any website for that matter), open a terminal and run:


It should return something like:

Reply from bytes=32 time=70ms TTL=52

Those numbers are the IP of the project.

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I get this error

Can you share your code?

const strategy = new Strategy({
clientSecret: client.config.dashboard.oauthSecret,
callbackURL: client.config.dashboard.callbackURL,
scope: [“identify”, “guilds”]
function(accessToken, refreshToken, profile, callback, done) {
process.nextTick(() => done(null, profile));


const agent = new proxyAgent(‘’);

One issue is that Glitch project IPs can change from time to time. I’m not familiar with passport.js, but is there a way to allow all IPs?

I’m asking you, don’t you know the question?

No, sorry, I am not familiar with passport.js, maybe @khalby786 can help us out? :slight_smile:

@khalby786 Can you help me ?

Uncaught Promise Error: Error: an HTTP(S) proxy server host and port must be specified!

Sorry @byacar, I’m not familiar with Passport.js, but I’m sure other community users might be able to help you out.