Glitch Quick Fix Megathread


Hello there, welcome to The Glitch Quick Fix Megathread.

This thread aims to solve common problems across Glitch.

Contribution is welcome! Just reply bellow with your fix and I’ll add it ASAP, you’ll also be credited too. :slight_smile:


Q: “Unable to locate bindings” error?

A: Try running enable-pnpm in the console and see if the problem is resolved.

Q: What programming languages run on Glitch?

A: Please refer to this thread by @jarcane for more information.

Q: What’s my project’s limitations?

A: You are limited to 4000 requests per hour per project, 512MB RAM and 194MB of storage. (Note: the node_modules folder doesn’t count towards the disk quota)

Q: I’m out of disk space!

A: Your node_modules or .git folder(s) are likely the main cause. Run enable-pnpm in the console to fix the node_modules issue and rm -rf .git to fix .git issue.

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