- where will people see it?

I had understood the would appear only up till you remix it, and then your remixed version would have the base project readme? Is this not the case?

I could actually see the use of a

  • Directory readme that is like an app store style pitch to use your project
  • Glitch readme that is a glitch specific manual for using your project after a remix
  • Ability to view the base github readme, as the authoritative full support

Any tips on how others deal with this, would be welcomed!

Currently we display the as the default file if it exists, otherwise it shows These same rules apply for the readme we show inside the editor as well as on the project page view. People should be able to use the filetree to navigate to the “regular” GitHub readme file if it exists to learn more.

Can you be more specific about why you would prefer the to not show on the remix?

Thanks! :smiley_cat:

I feel like the profile page ( like when you click this: should be more of a app store kind of information page, since you aren’t currently editing the app, having instructions to setup the app arent exactly useful there.

Thanks for the additional info, we’re currently examining better ways to showcase projects and people on Glitch, so these thoughts are valuable to us as we continue to improve on these aspects.

Thanks again for being a fan of Glitch!

Thanks for hearing my feedback! One thing that could be clarified is on

You say [quote]
To provide Glitch-specific instructions on how to work with your code, just add a ‘’ file to your GitHub project and it’ll be the first page folks see after import to Glitch.

It seems what really happens is it’s the first readme they see BEFORE they click remix but after they have remixed, then it defaults to the regular readme. For our purposes, we’d prefer some way to persist the glitch_readme as the default and then link relatively to more details in the full readme as needed.

@DanielX running into a related problem. I am synced to a remote repo, and my keeps disappearing from our projects. I have that file in .gitignore, would that remove it from my project automatically?

My desire is to keep the glitch readme out of people who don’t use glitch’s repos, but ill remove it from ignore if that is causing a problem.

Yes, .gitignored files are hidden from the editor

Thanks for the confirmation!