Glitch reconnecting error s

Hello glitch team no matter what I do I can not get rid of this problem in any way I can not open space in my project please help me open I can not manage
my project name : azzureta9

@ediciust hey! I think you’ll get faster help if you open a topic under the Glitch Help category! Good luck!

Hey @ediciust you’re most likely having these issues because your project (specifically your project’s git repo) is taking up too much space, as shown by running du -hd1 in your project’s console:

app@azzureta9:~ 21:06 
$ du -hd1
4.0K    ./.config
2.0K    ./util
3.0K    ./commands
11K     ./img
132K    ./komutlar
1.0K    ./hatalar
2.0K    ./sunucuyaözelayarlar
182M    ./.git
1.0K    ./views
3.0K    ./utils
2.0K    ./ayarlar
1.0K    ./public
6.0K    ./events
1.0K    ./.data
1.0K    ./x-pixel
183M    .

Glitch full disk error can help you resolve this; I’ve granted your project extra space for 24 hours to give you the opportunity to do so.