Glitch reconnecting error


Hi glitch also does not improve reconnecting when editing my project error I have tried many times for 1 hour turns out my project name : azzureta5

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Hey @ediciust, your project is very near it’s disk space limit, seemingly mostly from the contents of its git repo. Very full disk space can cause connection problems, among other issues.

You can clear at least some of this up using the following steps:

  1. open your project’s console
  2. type echo 'json.sqlite >> .gitignore and <enter> (this adds a gitignore file with the appropriate contents. if there are other files that your project edits regularly you can add those to the gitignore file as well)
  3. type git prune and <enter>
  4. type git gc and <enter>
  5. type enable-pnpm and <enter> (this will move the node_modules files out of your project’s container and restart your project)

Then let us know how all of that goes.

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