Glitch Reconnecting : (

hi glitch team in my project and there is no space when I ask for help, but the next day it is broken again, please open the field or do you sell vip membership my project name: azzureta7

Hello @ediciust we have communicated about this numerous times in the past, and I’ve indicated that you need to use the steps outlined in Glitch full disk error to prevent this from recurring. I notice that you haven’t added a .gitignore file as that post discusses; until you do that you’re going to keep running into this problem.

I’ve once again added additional space to your project for 24 hours so you can address this issue. Please work through all of the steps, including the .gitignore step, and if you have questions ask them here so we can get this worked out more permanently.

I created the file you said, and there is no more space in my project

I see that you’ve added a .gitignore file there, but you don’t have anything in it. You need to finish Step 1 in the linked post by figuring out what files are being changed by your project on a regular basis (most likely a database or sqlite file as I say in that post) and put that file path in the .gitignore file before it will have any effect.