Glitch redirects incorrectly after you rename a project including a number

This is just a little bug.
Say you renamed a site to site1.

As soon as you save the changes, Glitch incorrectly redirects you to
while the project is actually at
which returns a 404 error.

I’ve tested this and it seems like it just adds hyphens around all the numbers while redirecting. No idea how it manages to do this, as it doesn’t seem too hard to just redirect to the new site name.

More examples:

  • Renaming a site 1site incorrectly redirects you to /~1-site
  • Renaming a site 111111site incorrectly redirects you to /~111111-site
  • Renaming a site 1site1site1site1site1site1 incorrectly redirects you to /~1-site-1-site-1-site-1-site-1-site-1

I think you get the idea.
Anyway, it’s just a minor inconvenience, but it would be nice if this was fixed. Thanks!


Thanks for reporting this @DerDer56, I’ve let the team know there’s a bug here and I’ll report back when a fix is out!


This seems to be linked as to why the editor won’t work after changing a project name too.

There has been some kind of fix for this, but it’s not really that great.

It’s been changed so that instead of just redirecting to the right URL, it changes the project name to match the wrong URL.

This makes it impossible to rename a project something like amaz1ng, as it will change it to amaz-1-ing. Hopefully this gets re-looked at and fixed.

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Hi there! Yes, we fixed the redirect issue which showed that the existing camel-case-to-snake-case renaming logic on project pages. The team is aware of this and looking into how to update it to work the way you’re expecting!

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