Glitch Reinstalling Dependencies every time the app "Wakes Up"

Hello, Recently all of my apps, (including friends’ apps) started reinstalling ALL their Libraries/Dependencies every time the app wakes up. Is there a way to fix it? or Glitch is just having issues again?


This is a known issue

Glitch is having issues alot after they added a paid plan.


@anon43649539 Do you know whether it would be helpful for us to report strange bugs here on the forum during this incident? Or does the Glitch team know what the problems are, and it’s just a matter of fixing them? I’ve noticed that my apps are crashing during the random re-installs due to an npm module (commonly node-fetch) being missing. It just throws and error and then stops - requiring me to manually go in and trigger a re-install by making an edit, after which everything goes back to normal. This has happened about a dozen times over the last few days (every few hours another one crashes), including on boosted apps.

CC @cori

Edit: I’m also seeing this sort of thing sometimes:

node v10.15.3, with pnpm
Performing headless installation
  ERROR  ENOSPC: no space left on device, open '/rbd/pnpm-volume/store/2/store.json.2745381785'

And this:

node v10.15.3, with pnpm
ERROR  EIO: i/o error, open '/app/_tmp_7767_e123......'
β”‚             pnpm update check failed             β”‚
β”‚       Try running with sudo or get access        β”‚
β”‚       to the local update config store via       β”‚
β”‚ sudo chown -R $USER:$(id -gn $USER) /app/.config β”‚

Glitch already know about the issues, its just a matter of making the platform stable and fixing them

Okay, thanks! Just wasn’t sure whether they were still investigating the causes vs. implementing the solutions.