Glitch Resources Problem

Hey guys so I do see a problem here on glitch forums specifcally. Most of the glitch posts that contain the information and documentation and old templates are from 2020 and if they don’t get updated other forum posts will hide and cover up the posts with the older documentation of how some stuff works.

Hi there,

Our official help documentation lives at, and that does get updated regularly. The forum is a fantastic resource for finding specific solutions, but the problem you’re describing is one that every forum and/or docs site deals with. For that reason, we recommend checking the help site.

Is deprecated? It’s still linked on the bottom of the homepage but gives a GET request error (at least on my machines). Thanks!

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I just checked and it’s not deprecated, and should link to Try refreshing again and see if it works!

Ok, that doesn’t appear to be the case from any of my machines but I’m totally willing to accept that they’re the problem if you’ve checked.

It kind of seemed to me (just from the error messages I’m seeing), that the GET request is carrying a request body, so either the client or the server is not properly handling the request. I’ll clear my caches and try again (or I’ll just use the url that you posted above honestly- my concern was for new users who may not know the new url). Thanks!

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I’ll share this with the engineering team, so they can take a look. Thanks!

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