Glitch restrictions?

Ok, so I have a tiny discord bot, which has a currency system. So when my bot gets added to a server, it automatically starts looping through all the members and adds them to the db. So yesterday, my bot was added to a server which has over 2000 members (you already know where this is going), so it started looping through 2000 members. I noticed that when I do now something sql related, it will take ages to get my command reply and sometimes it even doesn’t reply. I tested my code on my local machine, and on there, it gets sended immediately. So my question is if Glitch has something like a rate limit. If so, how can I get rid of it. It is quite annoying to wait over 10 minutes.

Thank you in advance,

You are going to run up against a couple issues with the bot, mainly up-time and disk space restrictions. I haven’t done much with discord bots (but apparently really should since they seem to be all the rage) but, there was a guide posted by @Froosty earlier don’t know if it will help in your case but it might be worth a look over on [Discord] Bot Shutting Down.

My bot works perfectly and doesn’t have downtime. The only problem is that it takes ages to get something sended that is related with sql.


Since its discord related, let me put my nose into it. And since i am the first user around glitch from the discord community (unless there was someone hiding their presence),
Let me tell you a thing.
By the means you said it loops through every member in a guild, no matter what it does: its already a bad task around discord… your bot can even get in a guild with 10k members and trying to loop through 10k members, thats some massive API spam.
I guess you are trying to do currency system, so what you can do is update the database when the user requests for their currency.