Glitch says there's an error when there's not

Okay, so I’m using discord.js 14.7.1 and I wrote a MessageBuilder class inside of my code (since I use functions to separate everything and simply using var a = new Discord.Message() no longer works for the autocorrect in vscode. Here’s what it looks like:

class MessageBuilder {
    activity = Discord.MessageActivityType | null;
    applicationId = Snowflake | null;
    attachments = Collection(Snowflake(), Attachment());
    author = Discord.User;
    get bulkDeletable() {return false};
    get channel(){return Discord.TextChannel()};
    channelId = Snowflake;
    get cleanContent(){return String()};
    components = Discord.ActionRow;
    content = String();
    get createdAt(){return Date()};
    createdTimestamp = Number();
    get crosspostable() {Boolean};
    get deletable() {Boolean};
    get editable() {Boolean};
    get editedAt() {return Date() || null};
    editedTimestamp = Number() || null;
    embeds = Array(Discord.Embed());
    groupActivityApplication = Discord.ClientApplication | null;
    guildId = Discord.Guild() || null;
    get guild() {return Discord.Guild() || null};
    get hasThread() {return Boolean};
    id = Snowflake;
    interaction = Discord.BaseInteraction() || null;
    get member() {return Discord.GuildMember() || null};
    mentions = Discord.MessageMentions();
    nonce = String() | Number() | null;
    get partial() {return false};
    get pinnable() {return Boolean()};
    pinned = Boolean();
    reactions = Discord.ReactionManager();
    stickers = Collection(Snowflake, Discord.Sticker());
    position = Number() || null;
    system = Boolean();
    get thread() {Discord.ThreadChannel() || null};
    tts = Boolean();
    type = Discord.MessageType;
    get url() {return String()};
    webhookId = Snowflake || null;
    flags = Discord.MessageFlagsBitField.Flags;
    reference = Discord.Message() || null;

Now, I get it, it’s a mess (it was taken mostly from discord’s code and changed to work for js instead of typescript. Here’s the error that glitch shows:
It’s just a slight annoyance since it’s not an error and works perfectly fine.

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Hi @Killyoboy - looks like the version of eslint the editor is using isn’t compatible with this class syntax. I’ll let the team know!