Glitch Server Performance Recommendation

Recently, glitch has suffered from quite a lot of downtime, and I believe this is due to the fact that more and more users are using the glitch platform.

The most logical method would be to limit how many projects each user can create and require users to upgrade in order to host more projects, however I doubt anyone would want that implemented.
A way around this would be to limit how many projects you can create, based on when you signed up for Glitch.

For example,
A user who has just signed up could get 10 projects,
Someone who has been signed up for 15 days could get 20 projects,
Someone who has been signed up for a month could get 30 projects,
And so on…

However, as some people might want to host more projects, there could be a feature where users could apply for more projects.

And, to avoid users from creating loads of useless projects that only slow glitch down, Glitch could require reCAPTCHA every time a project is created.

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From a previous post by the Glitch Staff, an automatic project creation thingy was involved. Maybe the Captcha could be a good solution to this issue.

Also, I’ve noticed that deleted projects aren’t actually “deleted”. Will permanently deleting the deleted projects be helpful?

Glitch is a place where users, no matter their age, wealth, etc. can host projects and tinker with code. Limiting the amount they can host just makes Glitch into one of those free hosting sites purely designed for making money (e.g. making you upgrade). For example, I just wanted to test using the Mapbox API, but if I was limited then how am I supposed to tinker without having to remove my main projects.


Exactly, the reason why most people (including me) use Glitch is because it allows people to test things immediately without having to go through all the problems of setting up a local environment.

Limiting the number of projects means limited testing and then, if people used Glitch for hosting instead, then Glitch will have to do extra stuff on their side to make the hosting actually much better.

I strongly disagree with this.


I agree with this more than I've An Idea For Glıtch's Servers Performance.

This would fix the problem and it makes sense.

EDIT: this doesn’t mean i think it should be added, just saying if glitch were to add one of those things, they should go for this one.

But I’m sure they have found a solution, because their latest Glimmer post said that they had already found a solution and will be implementing them in the next few days.